Timo was born in Honolulu Hawaii, and grew up in Taipei Taiwan. From early childhood, Timo has kept her ear to the speaker, fingers tapping to the rhythm. A child of the 90’s, she was weaned on rave culture’s pulsing electronic beats. As the 2000’s progressed, her tastes evolved as she embraced underground disco, house, and electronica.


Timo’s first club DJ gig was in early 2009, and she quickly assumed a coveted residency at thirtyninehotel (a nightclub/art gallery by Gelareh Khoie and DJ Harvey) in Hawaii. She spun regularly at Space Truckin’ and Go Bang!, thirtyninehotel’s uber- popular First Friday party. She opened for numerous talented DJ including DJ Harvey, Bonobo, James Murphy, Thomas Bullock, DJ Garth, Tiger and Woods, Daniele Baldelli and more. She hosted and DJ many events in the city of Honolulu.


From 2008-2015, Timo hosted a weekly three-hour radio show “Afternoon Delight” and “Starship 109″ on KTUH 90.3FM Honolulu which were airing on Thursdays 3-6pm and Tuesday 6-9pm, specializing in disco, indie rock, electronic music and its antecedent genres.  


Timo is now relocated in Brooklyn NY from early 2015, flying back and forth from NYC to Honolulu. She is currently the resident DJ and co-owner at Bevy, a popular bar and nightspot in trendy Kaka’ako, Honolulu; and spending most of her time in Brooklyn to pursue further in her music career as a DJ and producer.


For DJ booking and/or event and promotions, please email for more info.

To listen: https://soundcloud.com/timosounds