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Timo Lee emerged her background in Honolulu and Taipei. From early childhood, Timo has kept her ear to the speaker, fingers tapping to the rhythm. A child of the 90’s, she was weaned on rave culture’s pulsing electronic beats. As the 2000’s progressed, her tastes evolved as she embraced underground disco, house, and electronica.


Timo hosted a weekly three-hour radio show from 2008-2015 on KTUH Honolulu, and played with numerous talented DJs including DJ Harvey, Bonobo, James Murphy, Thomas Bullock, DJ Garth, Tiger and Woods, Daniele Baldelli, Tim Sweeney and more at thirtyninehotel. She was very involved with shaping the local dance scene in Hawaii for the past decade.


Timo was relocated in Brooklyn NY from early 2015, flying back and forth from NYC to Honolulu for her bar, Bevy, a popular nightspot in Kaka’ako. She is spending most of her time here in NYC, playing regularly at Good Room, The Lot Radio and numerous nightclubs in the city. She is a long-standing member in the Brooklyn dance music community and is the curator behind "Wax the Van" - a weekly all vinyl listening session at Good Bar, also label boss of Chomp! Chomp! Records featuring various artists with underground dance music since 2020.


For DJ booking and/or event and promotions, please email

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